Bulgaria Citizenship

Bulgaria Citizenship by Investment


  • €512,000 towards Permanent Residency Program by investing into a choice of fund vehicles.
  • €1,024,000 investment for Fast-track to citizenship in 18 months
  • After residency has been approved, Applicants will become eligible for citizenship
  • Bulgarian residency Holders can apply for citizenship after 5 years
  • Full family residency
  • Flexible. No requirement to reside
  • No language requirement
  • Investment can be liquidated after 5 years
  • Visa-free access to 188 countries and territories.
  • Have at least one year of permanent residency status before applying for citizenship
  • Maintain permanent resident status and a valid residential address for 5 years.
  • Must have never been sentenced by a Bulgarian court for a capital offence or accused in criminal proceedings for such a crime
  • Investors will need to file a citizenship application and pass medical tests in their current country of residence.
  • Citizenship can be acquired by birth, by descent, by naturalization, by special contribution to Bulgarian State, and on grounds including investment
  • Citizenship by birth: Birth within the territory of Bulgaria does not automatically confer citizenship. The exception is a child born in Bulgaria to unknown or stateless parents.
  • Citizenship by descent: Child, at least one of whose parents is a citizen of Bulgaria, regardless of the country of birth.
  • Citizenship by naturalization: Bulgarian citizenship may be acquired upon fulfillment of the following condition: Person has resided legally in Bulgaria for at least five years as a Permanent Resident.
  • Citizenship through special merits through contributions towards art, science, philanthropists, etc., interests of Bulgaria
  • Voluntary renunciation of Bulgarian citizenship is permitted by law


  • Oldest country in Europe
  • EU Member,Nato member, United Nations, Word Trade Organization
  • Founding State of the OSCE
  • Soon to be in the Schengen zone
  • Lowest taxation in EU and special exemption for immigration through investment applicants.
  • Ease of movement through EU Countries
  • Access to High Quality health care in the EU
  • Conditional tax exemption on world income
  • High standard of Goods and services
  • Free education and medical system throughout EU.
  • Home authorities are not notified of Bulgarian Citizenship
  • Free-Trade environment within EU
  • Privilege of applying to citizenship after 5 years
  • No obligation to relinquish current nationality
  • Visa Free Access to 188 countries and territories
  • Diverse Culture
  • Temperate Climate
  • Ideal Location in Southern Europe
  • Industrialized upper middle income
  • Leading European producer of copper and zinc
  • Affordable cost of living
  • No Language requirements
  • Special exemption from physical residence enforced with legislation
  • No required visits during or after the application
  • Touristic destination
  • High HDI
  • Adequate GDP
  • 130 paved runway airports in Bulgaria


  • Official Name: Republic of Bulgaria (Republika Bŭlgariya)
  • Form of Government: Unitary Parliamentary Republic
  • Capital: Sofia
  • Population: 7 million
  • Official Language: Bulgarian - Small % of Turkish
  • Currency: Bulgarian LEV(BGN)/ Euro
  • Area: 110,994 km2
  • Education: Bulgarian- Primary education to Upper Secondary education - Compulsory from ages 7 to 16
  • Culture: Bulgarian - grounded on Eastern Orthodox Church Influence - Interesting Blend of Thracian Slavic and Bulgar Traditions
  • Environment: Mountainous, plains, Black Sea Coast ,rivers and lakes
  • Health Care:Mixed public-private Healthcare financing system. - Does not meet the standards of most western European countries - Poor health infrastructure, poor hospital and clinic conditions
  • Taxation: Flat rate of 10% - Value added tax at flat rate of 20% on virtually goods.
  • Tourism: Oldest country in Europe, Millions of tourists visit Bulgaria, historical heritage
  • Weather: Temperate-continental Climate- Hot summers, Cold winters
  • Politics: Stable Political Parliamentary Democracy
  • Schengen: Not a member
  • Religion: Eastern Orthodox Christianity - Small Percentage of Roman Catholic and Protestants.


A.18 Months Fast Track Citizenship
  • € 1,024,000 investment under the same conditions as permanent Residency
  • BGN 1 million minimum investment in the capital of a Bulgarian company by creating 20 new jobs
B.Citizenship by naturalization:
  • Permanent residency Holders are eligible to apply for Citizenship by naturalization after 5 years
  • Not been sentenced by a Bulgarian court for a premeditated crime of a general nature
  • Has an income and occupation enabling self-support in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • A command of the Bulgarian language subject to verification in accordance with a procedure established by an order of the Minister of Education and Culture


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