Malta Citizenship

Malta Citizenship by Investment


  • €750,000 as minimum Value towards Real Estate Investment
  • €600,000 Minimum Investment stocks/bonds or contributed towards contribution to the development of Malta
  • Full citizenship for life and can be passed on to future generations by descent.
  • All family memberscan obtain Maltese citizenship together with the investor,
  • €16,000 rental agreement at a minimum value of
  • €10,000 compulsory donation of to a registered approved organization
  • Maltese citizenship is obtained by naturalization through direct investment contributed to the economy development of Malta
  • Time Frame to citizenship is 36 Months of residency in Malta
  • Citizenship Applications are subject to stringent due diligence process and background checks
  • Community Malta Agency is the competent Maltese Government Agency responsible for administering the regulations.
  • only highly respectable applicants are eligible to obtain Maltese citizenship
  • Access to a transparent and reputable financial center for international business
  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 186 destinations
  • an eligibility application will be submitted and Tiers 2, 3, and 4 due diligence checks shall be passed
  • The applicant shall take the oath of allegiance in Malta
  • There are no restrictions on dual citizenship in Malta
  • Investment in a real estate project, contribution to the government and investment in stocks, bonds or debentures.
  • Entitlement to consular protection and support from any European Union consulate globally.
  • Unrestricted right to live, work, study in the European Union with access to world-class healthcare.
  • No wealth, inheritance or gift tax


  • Member of EU, United Nations, Council of Europe.
  • Member of Schengen area, Eurozone, and international monetary Fund
  • Leading Investment Locations
  • Lowest taxation rates in Europe
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Tax withhold on earned interest
  • Eligible dependents
  • Security & safety
  • Strategic Location
  • Political Climate
  • Outstanding air Links
  • International Business Hub
  • Possibility to apply for citizenship after 4 years of residency for € 880,000
  • Ease of movement through EU and Schengen Countries
  • Business Infrastructural Framework
  • English speaking Population
  • High standard of Goods and services
  • All Official documentations are in English
  • High Levels of education
  • 5th ranking By WHO for Medical services and facilities
  • Low cost of life
  • Low crime rate
  • General Care and awareness is given to children and elderly
  • International Trade Relations
  • One of the most important jurisdiction in southern Europe
  • Excellent Banking Center
  • Efficient access by sea and international airport of Malta
  • Dual citizenship acquiescence
  • Touristic Destination


  • Official Name: The Republic of Malta
  • Form of Government: Unitary Multiparty Republic
  • Capital: Valletta
  • Population: 458,000
  • Official Language: Maltese, English
  • Currency: euro
  • Area: 316 km2
  • Education: Compulsory, Free - Primary and secondary Education
  • Culture: Maltese, Influenced by mixed rulers nationalities - Phoenicians, Romans & Arabs
  • Environment: island, archipelago located in the Mediterranean sea south of Sicily(Italy) - Insufficient water supply, deforestation, wildlife preservation
  • Health Care: Public & Private - Grade A Healthcare
  • Taxation: 5-35%
  • Tourism: Touristic Island - Important sector of the country's economy.
  • Weather: Mediterranean
  • Politics: Stable- parliamentary representative democratic republic
  • Schengen: Member
  • Religion: Roman Catholic


  • Investment in Real estate, government bonds and Maltese national development funds
  • Proof of investment
  • Criminal record
  • Birth certificate
  • Above 18 years old
  • Income tax return
  • Employment contract (if employed)
  • Business license (if self-employed)
  • Bank Statement
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Valid passport
  • Two passport size photos
  • References from bankers, lawyers
  • Source of funds
  • Sufficient funds
  • Health certificate from registered medical practitioner
  • Proof for current residence (utility bills)
Investment Criteria
A contribution to the development of Malta
- EUR 600,000 Non-refundable contribution or EUR 750,000 by exception depending on the residence status length 36 months or 12 months, respectively. EUR 50,000 further contribution on each additional dependent. This contribution is to be made after the approval of the applicant’s citizenship application.

A purchase of stocks/bonds
- EUR 10,000 Non-refundable contribution to a registered and approved non-governmental organization or society.

A Real Estate Investment
- EUR 700,000 minimum amount towards real estate investment property shall be maintained with a valid address in Malta.
- EUR 16,000 annual entry to a property rental contract


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