Bulgaria Residency

Bulgaria Permanent Residency


  • € 255,646 as minimum amount towards Residence investment Program
  • €1,024,000 total investment towards Fast Track Option for citizenship within 2 years
  • Investment shall be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years
  • Timeframe for obtaining the golden visa through investment is 6-9 Months
  • Investor ‘immediate family is eligible to obtain The Bulgarian Permanent Residency
  • Government-approved investments and available financing options from banks.
  • Release from physical residence with lawgiving.
  • Unrestricted Dual citizenship
  • Residence through immigration program gives the investor the rights of a Bulgarian citizens without the ability to vote.
  • Residence allows applicants the right to enter and leave Bulgaria Freely.
  • Refundable Bond


  • Oldest country in Europe
  • EU Member,Nato member, United Nations, Word Trade Organization
  • Founding State of the OSCE
  • Soon to be in the Schengen zone
  • Lowest taxation in EU and special exemption for immigration through investment applicants.
  • Ease of movement through EU Countries
  • Access to High Quality health care in the EU
  • Conditional tax exemption on world income
  • High standard of Goods and services
  • Free education and medical system throughout EU.
  • Home authorities are not notified of Bulgarian Citizenship
  • Free-Trade environment within EU
  • Privilege of applying to citizenship after 5 years
  • No obligation to relinquish current nationality
  • Visa Free Access to 188 countries and territories
  • Diverse Culture
  • Temperate Climate
  • Ideal Location in Southern Europe
  • Industrialized upper middle income
  • Leading European producer of copper and zinc
  • Affordable cost of living
  • No Language requirements
  • Special exemption from physical residence enforced with legislation
  • No required visits during or after the application
  • Touristic destination
  • High HDI
  • Adequate GDP
  • 130 paved runway airports in Bulgaria


  • Official Name: Republic of Bulgaria (Republika Bŭlgariya)
  • Form of Government: Unitary Parliamentary Republic
  • Capital: Sofia
  • Population: 7 million
  • Official Language: Bulgarian - Small % of Turkish
  • Currency: Bulgarian LEV(BGN)/ Euro
  • Area: 110,994 km2
  • Education: Bulgarian- Primary education to Upper Secondary education - Compulsory from ages 7 to 16
  • Culture: Bulgarian - grounded on Eastern Orthodox Church Influence - Interesting Blend of Thracian Slavic and Bulgar Traditions
  • Environment: Mountainous, plains, Black Sea Coast ,rivers and lakes
  • Health Care:Mixed public-private Healthcare financing system. - Does not meet the standards of most western European countries - Poor health infrastructure, poor hospital and clinic conditions
  • Taxation: Flat rate of 10% - Value added tax at flat rate of 20% on virtually goods.
  • Tourism: Oldest country in Europe, Millions of tourists visit Bulgaria, historical heritage
  • Weather: Temperate-continental Climate- Hot summers, Cold winters
  • Politics: Stable Political Parliamentary Democracy
  • Schengen: Not a member
  • Religion: Eastern Orthodox Christianity - Small Percentage of Roman Catholic and Protestants.


I.Investment Criteria:
  • € 255,646 towards a trade company for acquiring tangible or intangible assets.
    - A minimum of 10 jobs for Bulgarians are created in order to maintain a foreign permit.
    - The investment must be proven to the Ministry of Economy
  • BGN 1 million in collective investment schemes or alternative investment funds targeted towards Bulgarian Companies solely investing in their assets or bonds.
  • BGN 1 million investment in rights under concession contracts on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • BGN 2 million investment in the share capital of a Bulgarian trade company towards a certified project under the Investment Promotion Act.
    - verified by the Ministry of Economy or in shares or bonds of Bulgarian companies,
    - traded on a Bulgarian regulated market or multilateral trading facility in Bulgaria
  • BGN 6 million investment in the capital of a non-publicly traded Bulgarian company
Refundable Bond
€511,292 deposit in a Governmental Bond Portfolio for an investment period of five years. The full invested amount will be returned to the investor with no interest after a period of 5 years. The investment is fully guaranteed by the government bonds.

Financial Investment
€180,000, subsidized to finance €511,292 a 5.5-year loan from a Bulgarian Chartered bank. Loan is refunded at no further cost to the investor. Chartered Bank will require a demonstration of €1,000,000 worldwide assets in order to be qualified for the Financed Investment Option

II.Qualification Criteria documents:
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Above 18 years old
  • Health Insurance
  • Supporting Documents for source and origin of invested funds
  • Attest Power of Attorney and investment Agreement
  • Be a Non EU Citizen
  • Valid Passport
  • Registration Certificate issued by Home country police office
  • Proof of sufficient Funds through Bank statement
Government Fees:
  • € 25,000 -> Main applicant and spouse
  • $2,500 -> Each qualifying dependent
The investment options are listed below:
  • Government bonds: in this case the minimum investment value is of 511,292 euros and a statutory holding period is applicable;
  • Greenfield projects: with a minimum investment value of 125,000 euros or acquire at least 50% of the capital in a Bulgarian company that operates in an underdeveloped region; one of our lawyers in Bulgaria can provide more details on this requirement regarding the region;
  • Open a company: invest 250,000 euros in a new Bulgarian company or acquire at least 50% in an existing company; a requirement is for the said company to create 10 job positions;
  • Invest in an existing company: foreign investors can also invest at least 3,000,000 euro in the share capital of a private Bulgarian company;
  • Invest in real estate: the minimum investment in a property in Bulgaria must be of 300,000 euros; an alternative is to use the same amount to acquire at least 50% of a Bulgarian company and then use the company to purchase real estate.


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