Cyprus Residency

Cyprus Permanent Residency Fast Track


  • Lifetime Validity
  • Applicable for All Family Dependents
  • Children under 18 years old
  • Financially Dependent Children up to 24 Years Old
  • Eligibility for Tax Residency
  • No Physical Presence required during Application Process
  • EU Member since 2004
  • Visa Free Entry to 174 Countries
  • Passed On Citizenship By Investment to future Generations
  • Dual Citizenship Permission
  • 2 to 18 Months timeframe
  • Investment Alienation could break the PR Application
  • Purchase of New Property of minimum 300,000Euros
  • Purchase of New or used corporate property (Office shops,hotels etc..)
  • Share capital of EUR 300,000 of a physical company registered and operating in Cyprus, which employs at least five people
  • Units of EUR 300,000 in the Cyprus Investment Funds Association’s collective investments (AIF, AIFLNP, RAIF)
  • Standard Track 5F
  • Fast Track6(2)


  • Favorable tax regime
  • Outstanding education facilities
  • Lowest crime rate in Europe
  • 5th safest country in the world
  • Superlative healthcare facilities
  • Strategic location at crossroads of three continents
  • EU Member
  • Set to join the EU Schengen zone presently
  • Freehold attained Property
  • 5% reduced VAT on property
  • Superior infrastructure
  • Solid & Trustworthy Legal system
  • Substantial tax breaks for high net worth individuals
  • No tax is levied on global income from non-resident citizens.
  • Low personal and corporate tax rates for non-domiciled residents
  • Mitigation of personal, business and security risks.
  • Secure and stable home
  • Safe & Sparkling Free Public Beaches
  • Ease Of Travel Throughout the EU
  • 90% English speaking population


  • Official Name: Cyprus Republic
  • Form of Government: Unitary Presidential System
  • Capital: Nicosia
  • Population: 1.21 million
  • Official Language: Greek,Turkish
  • Currency: Euro
  • Area: 9,251 KM2
  • Education: Pre-Primary to High education, Public/Private Schools, UK Integrated Educational Programs
  • Culture: Cypriot - Mixed of Northern Turkish and southern Greek - Arts, Music, Literature, Mass Media, Cinema
  • Environment: Low Crime Rate - 5th Safest Country in The world
  • Health Care: Distinction in Healthcare, Recognized by WHO, NHS
  • Taxation: Low Taxation-Reduced to 5% on Investments
  • Tourism: Major tourist Destination
  • Weather: Mediterranean, Subtropical
  • Politics: Presidential Democratic Republic- Stable
  • Schengen: Not part Of Schengen- Set To Join EU Soon
  • Religion: Christian Orthodox - Small Communities of Muslim


Investment Criteria:
  • Proof of Annual income: € 30,000
  • Pension of €5,000 for each Dependent Family Member
  • Pension of €8,000 for each Dependent Parent
  • Purchase of Residential/corporate property starting €300,000
  • Investment of shares in Cyprus Collective funds of €300,000
  • Investment in share capital of a Cyprus company of €300,000
Qualification Criteria documents:
  • Real Estate Sale Contract
  • Medical insurance
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate if married
  • Bank Statement
  • Valid Passport
  • 2 Photo Passport
  • Officially translated Documents
  • No intention of Employment Pledge


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