Greece Residency

Greece Residency by Investment


  • €250,000 + Tax towards Investment
  • 1ST Visit through Schengen visa or remotely through consulate for application
  • Eligibility to apply for citizenship after seven years of residence
  • Residence applicable to the whole family (married spouse, children under 21 years old, and parents of the main applicant and spouse)
  • Residence permits can be acquired within 30–60 days
  • Visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area
  • Unlimited Renewal
  • Opportunity to rent out the investment property
  • Double Taxation Treaty
  • No requirement to reside in Greece Unlimited expiry date of residence permit
  • Low Investment Threshold
  • Family Reunification
  • Ability to hold shares and receive income from the dividends of a company registered in Greece (but not to be employed in Greece) Extended Family Inclusion


  • Official Name: Hellenic Republic
  • Form of Government: Parliamentary Democratic Republic
  • Capital: Athens
  • Population: 10,375,456
  • Official Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro
  • Area: 131,940
  • Education: Pre-school to Higher Education, Centralized and governed by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Greek/English Language
  • Culture: Western Culture and democracy - Key Fields: Architecture, Literature, Theater,Music
  • Environment: Mountainous with micro-climates
  • Health Care: National Health System(ESY) - Public and Private - Free for residents
  • Taxation: Direct and indirect Taxation system 22-45%
  • Tourism: International Tourism
  • Weather: Mediterranean
  • Politics: stable
  • Schengen: Included
  • Religion: Greek Orthodox


Investment Criteria:
  • € 250,000 minimum Investment in real estate property with a minimum value of, plus the applicable taxes
  • 10-year lease agreement for hotel accommodation or furnished tourist residences in tourist
  • Accommodation complexes (Article 8 of Law 4000/2001)
  • 10-year time-sharing agreement for hotel accommodation (Law 1652/1986)
2. Available forms of investment
(a) With the purchase of shares of a minimum value of 400,000 euro in a share capital increase or bonds issued on a bond loan for companies based or located in Greece, and listed on the Greek stock market;
(b) With a set contribution of at least 400,000 euro to a real estate investment company aiming to invest exclusively in Greece, to acquire shares in share capital increase;
(c) With a set contribution (min. 400,000 euro) to a private equity fund towards the acquisition of shares, or to a venture fund to acquire shares provided these are invested exclusively in companies with headquarters and or established in Greece;
(d) With the purchase of Greek government bonds, with a minimum acquisition cost of 400,000 euros and a residual maturity of at least three years from the time of purchase, through a credit institution based in Greece;
(e) With a minimum time deposit of 400,000 euros in a national credit institution for at least one year with a standing order for its renewal;
(f) With the purchase of shares, corporate bonds and/ or of Greek government bonds traded or up for trade on regulated markets, or in multilateral trading facilities operating in Greece, valued at a minimum of 800,000 euros;
(g) With the purchase of stakes of a minimum value of 400,000 euro in a mutual fund established in Greece, or elsewhere, which intends to invest exclusively in shares, corporate bonds and/or in Greek government bonds;
(h) With the purchase of stakes or shares of a minimum amount of 400,000 euro in an alternative investment fund established in Greece, or in another EU country, and aims to invest exclusively in real estate in Greece

Capital Contribution:
  • €400,000 contributed to an established & registered company in Greece for the acquisition of shares in bonds itemized in trading on controlled markets or joint trading mechanism operating in Greece.
  • €400,000 contributed to a closed end investment company for shares acquisition or to a closed end mutual fund for the same purpose, remarking that the alternative investment foundations shall exclusively invest in companies established in Greece with tangible headquarters.
  • €400,000 investment in a real estate company functioning only in Greece for the attainment of shares in capital increase

Shares, Bonds, Government Bonds
  • € 400,000 Greek government bonds and residual maturity for a minimum period of 3 years via a credit institution established in Greece being the custodian of these bonds
  • € 800,000 of shares or corporate bonds admitted for trading on controlled markets or joint trading mechanism functioning in Greece
  • € 400,000 Purchase of units share investment of a mutual fund assimilated in Greece or another country having the will to capitalize only in shares, corporate bonds or Greek government bonds acknowledged for trading in controlled markets or joint trading mechanism in service of Greece
  • € 400,000 units of share of an alternative investment fund established in Greece or another EU country anticipating exclusively in backing immovable properties in Greece

Capital Transfer:
€400,000 Yearly deposit of in domestic credit institution

Qualification Criteria:
  • 18 Years or above
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Good Health Condition
  • Passed diligence checks
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Proof of source of Funds
  • Validity of Visa type C/F
  • 1 Visit to Greece on a visit Visa
  • Proof of Dependency


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