UK Residency

UK Permanent Residency


  • GBP 10 million Fast Track investment or more will provide for settlement after two years.
  • GBP 5 million Fast Track investment or more will provide for settlement after three years,
  • Only Main applicant is eligible to fast track Permanent Residence
  • Spouse and children can apply for permanent residence after living in the UK for five years.
  • GBP 2 Million ( Tier 1 investor Visa) Residence by investment Program
  • GBP 2 Million must be held for 2 years in advance of initial application
  • Make the U.K. your main home
  • Spend 6 out of 12 Months in UK to maintain Visa
  • Quickest investor immigration application among the G8 countries
  • Timeframe two-four weeks from submission date to approval
  • Invest for five years in UK share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK-registered companies
  • 75% of investment amount shall be engaged in UK share capital or loan capital in ACTIVE & TRADING UK companies
  • 25% of the remaining Investment amount shall be spent in UK towards asset purchase of deposits via regulated UK financial institutions
  • Investors are permitted to be gainfully employed under the Tier 1 Investor visa or undertake a course of study in the UK.
  • Permanent Residency applicant and their spouse should not spend more than 180 days per year outside the UK.
  • Applicant will obtain the Tier 1 Investor visa for 40 months
  • Investor must apply for an ‘extension of stay’. The UK government will grant a two-year extension of stay
  • GBP 50,000 (Tier 1 innovator visa) investment funds if they want to set up a new business index.
  • Innovator visa funds can come from any source
  • Business idea assessed by a Home Office–approved endorsing body.
  • After three years, innovators can apply to extend their stay for a further three years or to settle permanently in the UK under Permanent Residency necessitating endorsement
  • Leave to enter conditions
  • UK Overseas Business Visa


  • Opportunity to apply for citizenship in 5 years
  • Significant World Power
  • Reputable democracy with rule of law
  • 3rd largest Economy In Europe
  • 6th most prominent tourist destination
  • 8th largest economy concerning purchasing power parity
  • Home to 28 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Cities
  • Superior educational Institutions worldwide
  • Among the Best free Health Care Services worldwide
  • Member of G8 &G20
  • Unrivaled financial business center
  • Travel mobility and security of a U.K passport
  • Freedom to live and work anywhere in the UK
  • Quicker path to permanent residency and citizenship.
  • Eligibility for UK Citizenship by naturalization
  • Attractive tax regime for high net worth investors
  • Non domicile tax regime
  • Visa free Access to 180+ countries
  • Vivid Quality of life
  • Dual citizenship permitted
  • Eccentric Transport system
  • Striking historical background
  • Open International Culture


  • Official Name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Form of Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy and commonwealth realm
  • Capital: London
  • Population: 66,65 Million
  • Official Language: English
  • Currency: Pound sterling GBP
  • Area: 242,495 Km2
  • Education: English- Primary education to Higher education - Public-Private- Outstanding standard of Education
  • Culture: British- grounded on its own unique Culture influenced by combined nations’s history& the impact of the British Empire
  • Environment: Diversified- Lowland and Highland - Islands-Oceans-Lakes and mountains - Pollution-Global warming
  • Health Care: Ranked as best Healthcare System In the World - Publicly funded, paid by taxation - Exceptional Private& Public Healthcare System
  • Taxation: 0-45%
  • Tourism: 10th Biggest Tourist Destination - Highly contribution to the Country’s Economy - Best Known for Cultural Tourism
  • Weather: Temperate-Mild summers and winters
  • Politics: Politically stable
  • Schengen: Not a member
  • Religion: Christianity


Investment Criteria:
Tier 1 Investor Visa:
  • GBP 2 Million in a regulated financial institution held for 2 years before application
  • Invest for 5 years in UK l Share capital or loan Capital in active trading UK registered companies
  • Tier visa is obtainable for 40 months. GBP 2 Million shall be invested within 3 months of date of entry:75% towards share capital and loan capital 25% towards asset purchase in UK
  • GBP 10 million Fast Track investment to guarantee settlement in 2 years
  • GBP 5 Million Fast Track Investment to guarantee settlement in 3 years
Tier 1 innovator Visa
  • GBP 50,000 in investment funds to set up new business
  • GBP50,000 shall be held for 90 days prior to submission in applicant’s bank account
  • 3 years Residence is granted after approval and extendable in favor of Permanent residency
  • Government and professional fees apply to every option
Overseas Business Visa:
  • No minimum investment Required
  • Opening a branch office of an existing company in the United Kingdom
  • Must not be a majority shareholder
  • 1 year of active trading for the company
  • Temporary visa will be granted for 3 years, extendable for 2 further 2 years
  • Spouse and children under 18 are eligible for residency
  • After 5 years of holding a temporary visa, eligibility towards permanent residency and citizenship will be granted
Qualification Criteria documents:
  • Pay Healthcare surcharge
  • Valid passport
  • Bank statement
  • Clean Criminal record
  • Birth certificate
  • Source of funds
  • Proof of investment
  • Open a UK bank account
  • Certified translation of documents
  • Sufficient funds to support applicant and dependents
  • Passport size photos
  • Marriage certificate
  • Income tax Return
  • Current home address
  • Above 18 years old
The Company:
  • Headquarters Shall be outside the UK
  • Limitation of other branch, subsidiary, or representative in the UK
  • Must not have transacted business in the UK
  • May not have existing employees in the UK
  • Must maintain the same type of business as the actively trading overseas parent company


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